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About Us

Pulse of Financial Markets furnishes its audiences with timely news, thoughtful education, and through analysis on finance & economics. To serve this purpose, every trading day we provide you the latest and most accurate news of financial markets. Educated and encapsulated analysis will put the confusing and conflicting news in a pristine and precise perspective in “Daily News & Analysis”. Since the complicating nature of some subjects deserve closer attention and deeper Analysis, “Special Reports” will elaborate on those subjects.


Pulse of Financial Markets (POFM) is a provider of financial information and analysis, informing the members about the world currencies, budget deficit, current account deficit, bonds, precious metals, commodities, international markets and much more financial information.


Daily news & analysis that keeps you informed on the global scale. Through news, education, and analysis of this site you can make informed decisions on your 401k, IRAs, your children's college fund, life insurance, real estate...


♦ If you have a small or big business
♦ If you are in import or export business
♦ If your business is nationwide or globalize
♦ If you are in production or service industry
♦ Knowledge is power and power is profit. By consulting with us, you acquire the power to grab the profit that you deserve.

Daily notes

Khashayar Shojaati

  • Chemicals in Your Every Day Activity ?
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Aug-17-2018 16:29:54
Khashayar Shojaati

  • Stephen Colbert Interviews Bernie Sanders :
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Aug-16-2018 14:31:43
Khashayar Shojaati

  • BBC: Fascists In Ukraine ?
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Aug-15-2018 14:41:15
Khashayar Shojaati

  • Fashion Is Freedom ! How ?
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Aug-14-2018 14:37:59
Khashayar Shojaati

  • Shock Therapy In Iran ?
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Aug-13-2018 14:47:13